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PTFE Bellows For Lined Pipes

PTFE Bellows For Lined Pipes

Bellows are specially designed from Virgin P.T.F.E. and is contour moulded. This manufacturing method guarantees an excellent structure of material; symptoms of aging are practically excluded. Very long term durability and low maintenance costs are assured.

These Bellows are manufactured in different types from NB 25 mm to NB 1200 mm. The allowable operating pressures are depending on design (see graph and data sheet of each bellow).The bellows can be used upto 210C (please see Pressure/Temperature in the table) maximum pressure allowable is restricted.

Bellows serve for compensation of:

  • Vibration
  • Thermal Strain and expansion
  • Axial and Radial motion

These Bellows are installed in PTFE Lined Carbon Steel Piping and equipment without additional gaskets. For use with piping and equipment made of glass, enamel and ceramics we recommend PTFE Gaskets, offered as accessory.

These Bellows are meant for resisting highly corrosive chemicals for chemical plants and pipings for aggressive medias.

The sealing surfaces are covered with end plates and individually boxed for protection against mechanical damage. Limit bolts are preset to prevent over extension during operation.