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Style - 36 Graflon

Style - 36 Graflon

Universal super performance packing DUPLEX Plaited form of sophisticated special Fluoropolymer fibre intimately bonded with graphite which will improve thermal conductivity and lubricity while retaining the quality of extremely low friction. The presence of graphite acts as a heat transfer media to dissipate heat generated at the pump shaft or valve spindle. Thus the resiliency and compressibility of the packing last long. This packing does not harden and runs cool. It has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion.

This packing has replaced the blue asbestos packing and remains a first choice with the capability of total chemical inertia.

This packing is recommended for oils and solvents, caustics, acids, dyes, chemicals, white and black liquor, wood pulp, detergent with the exception of strong oxidising agents, aqua regia, fluorine and fuming nitric acid.


-240°C to 300°C

upto 350 Bar

0 - 14

Sizes 3 mm to 5 mm are supplied in spools of 10 mtrs.
Size above 5 mm is supplied in Boxes/Kgs.
We can also supply in accurate cut rings.