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Style - 2224 Stern-Flon Marine Packing

Style - 2224 Stern-Flon Marine Packing

A premium STERN TUBE DUPLEX Braided packing manufactured from tough vegetable fibre for heavy duty Hydraulic and Marine application including rudder posts. This packing is incorporated with special lubricants to promote non-flowing lubricity, compressibility, flexibility and to minimise shaft wear. The volume loss, friction and heat build up is kept to the minimum. There will be no wash out of lubricants as experienced with conventional packings. The special lubricant forms a protective shield around the basic fibre preventing fluid penetration and fibre break down.

This packing is recommended for ships and ship-building industry as it reduces maintanance cost and is a money saver. It is best used against sea-water, oils, weak alkali solutions, STERN GLANDS, in food-stuffs, pharmaceutical industries and Paper Mills for reciprocating and rotary applications in pumps and valves.



upto 240 Bar

6 - 10

Sizes 3 mm to 5 mm are supplied in spools of 10 mtrs.
Sizes above 5 mm is supplied in Boxes/Kgs.
We can also supply in accurate cut rings.