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Steam, Super Heated Steam

Style No. Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
1000 350°C Asbestos dry plaited general steam and insulation packing for hot gases, oven, autoclaves etc. conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1100 325°C Lubricated and graphited, general-purpose asbestos packing for Glands for medium pressure conditions conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1200 350°C Incorporated with white metal wire for low friction and greater mechanical durability. Suitable for rotary shafts with peripheral speeds upto 1750 ft/min. Recommended for steam, hot water, weak acids and alkalies.
1300 500°C Brass wire reinforced asbestos yarn packing. Specially suited to high speed rotary and reciprocating shafts even at higher temperature and pressure. Incorporation of brass wire improves its strength and anti-friction properties. It is recommended for saturated and super heated steam, hot water, air, gases, oils, steam expansion glands, rotary and reciprocating equipments.
1800 490°C Non-metallic asbestos lubricated and graphited packing for high pressure saturated super heated steam conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1850 490°C Same as above, but lubricated non graphited version meant for STAINLESS STEEL RODS.
1900 540°C Crysotile white dry asbestos fibre yarn of high purity braided packing non-metallic used where severe high temperature conditions prevail. Best suited for expansion joints, door ovens, caulking of joints, exhaust pipe wrappings, ductings etc.
1910 540°C A closely braided high content asbestos yarn packing non-metallic lubricated with special heat resisting dry lubricant. Specially recommended for high pressure super-heated steam services. An excellent soft packing for valve glands, guage glass fittings, turbines, boilers and similar applications.
Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1916 815°C Braided from high grade asbestos yarn suitably lubricated and reinforced with stainless steel wire. This is an ideal choice for high temperature valve application and is suitable for service with steam, butane and propane gases, oil vapour, furnace oil etc.
Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1933 500°C A popular packing made from asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with copper wire and suitable lubricants to withstand high pressure and temperature for steam valve.
Please state when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL
1960 680°C A specially developed braided packing for super sealing jobs made from high grade asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with inconel wire and suitably lubricated. It will function most effectively against super sealing jobs on valve stems in power plants and oil refineries. A well recommended packing for control valves at high pressures and temperatures and various other applications.
Please specify when rod / spindle is STAINLESS STEEL