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Heat Insulation

Asbestos Cloth

Asbestos cloth is used for thermal insulation in power plants, boiler mattresses, pipe lines, protective clothing and smothering fires. Available in plain or dust suppressed form.

Style No. Temperature (Centigrade) Description
150 315°C Plain Weave Cloth 1.6 mm thick.
152 315°C Plain Weave Cloth 2.0 mm thick.
132 315°C Plain Weave Cloth 3.0 mm thick.

Asbestos Yarn

1.5 mm thick twisted to sizes upto 50 mm. For Dry Heat, caulking between rough or irregular surfaces, Blast Furnance Connections, Coke Ovens, Gas Generator etc.

Style No.

Temperature (Centigrade)

Asbestos & Rubberised Asbestos Tape

Asbestos tape proofed with rubber for purpose of jointing for manhole and mudhole covers on boilers, tanks ad pressure vessels. In coils of 30 meters with thickness upto 6 mm and width 12.5 mm onwards.

Temperature (Centigrade)

We can supply without Rubberised also.